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XVI Warsaw Chess Solving Grand Prix
Warsaw, Hozjusza 2, Dom Pielgrzyma "Amicus"
24.11.2017 - 26.11.2017
tempo gry: WCSC

XIII WARSAW CHESS SOLVING GRAND PRIX  14th -“ 16th November 2014


System of competition -“ XIII WGP (and Open tournament):

System and rules of competition are the same as the World Chess Solving Championship.



Arbiter blitz contest GM Waldemar Tura.

On the occasion of the XIII WGP was announced traditional tournament for composers.

FSJ Ryszard Królikowski will be the director of this tournament (XIII WGP + Open).


Place of competitions:

Aleje Jerozolimskie 49 (Polish Chess Federation), Warsaw. 300 m from Central Station.


Proposal accommodation:

Warsaw, Belwederska st. 26/30, Hotel "Hera". Location map

Hotel located 5 bus station from the center Warsaw and playing hall (15-20 minutes).

Spacerowa 04 -“ Centrum 06, bus 501. Weekend ticket entitles to unlimited number of journeys from 7:00 PM on Friday till 8:00 AM on Monday, costs 24 PLN (< 6 Euro)

Single bed room with bathroom and toilet: 190 PLN (1 day) + 152 PLN (consecutive days).

Single bed room with only toilet: 110 PLN (1 day) + 88 PLN (consecutive days).

Two bed room with bathroom and toilet: 220 PLN (1 day) + 176 PLN (consecutive days).

Two bed room with only toilet: 160 PLN (1 day) + 128 PLN (consecutive days).

Three bed room with bathroom and toilet: 300 PLN (1 day) + 240 PLN (consecutive days). The rooms rate includes breakfast (7.00-10.00).  1 Euro = ~ 4,2 PLN



Payment of entrance fee of 50 PLN (~12 EURO) by 14/15th November.

Entrance fee for women and junior U`23 players is 25 PLN (~ 6 EURO).

Players from IM on -“ free of charge. Blitz tournament entry fee.
Cups, medals and souvenirs.
Special prize for player who will make the biggest ranking progress in this competition.
Special prize for best player 
under 2000 ranking in XIII WGP tournament.



Registration (including accommodation, date of arrival, number of persons and nights)

should be send to: Ryszard Królikowski, deadline 02.11.2014 for players who want to use

the accommodation proposed by the organizer.:

E-mail: riki@n-s.pl     Mobil phone: +48 501493797        Fax.: +48 22 2130730

The actual list of players: http://www.chessarbiter.com/turnieje/2013/ti_4807/


Friday                         14th November 2014              Arrival - starting at 12.00

                                                                       19,00 -“ 19,45 Open Quick Show

                                                                       From -“ 20,00 Solving Show 

(Players that finished in the top 8 in the Quick Show take part in this competition)


Saturday         15th November 2014               9,00 -“ 12,30   XIII WGP Rounds 1 -“ 3

                                                                       17,30 -  20,30  Open Tournament



Sunday            16th November 2014              9,00 - 12,30   XIII WGP Rounds 4 -“ 6

                                                                       13,30  Prize giving


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